We are going to explain how to upload and submit your footage here.

Right after membership registration the upload in not possible.
First you must take Footage Contributor Examination.

Regarding conditions and specifications of contents for sale,
please check our “Footage Guideline”.


When you are ready to upload your content, click the “Footage (Web)” button on the top page.
You can upload by dragging and dropping or by clicking the “Select Work” button.
When the camera icon is displayed, please press the “Upload” button.

* New uploads with file names that have been registered in the past are not possible. Sorry to trouble you, but please change the file name and upload.

It will take some time to upload. Please wait without switching pages until the status bar is all orange.

The display disappears when the status bar is all switched to orange.
Scroll down the page as soon as the display disappears.

You can see that the uploaded file is reflected at the bottom of the page.
If you don’t see it, please reload the page.

Thumbnails are created about 1 to 24 hours after the file has been uploaded. After creating, you will be able to enter detailed information such as titles and keywords.

When the thumbnail is displayed, enter the information such as keywords, title, comment, etc. and apply for review.

Submit Footage

1. Enter the information for files

After uploading your files, please go to your Account page and enter files’ information, then submit them for reviewing.

You can also register keywords, title and comments by uploading the CSV file. Please download the CSV file from “Upload image descriptions via CSV” located in the information edit page.

Title (Required)
  • Please enter the title that best describes your work,in the limit of 100 characters.
  • Title is not a search object so please ensure that important words as a search object should be included in the keywords too.
Keywords (Required)
  • Please enter it in order of importance.
  • Separate the keywords by using comma (,).Please note that the words separated by space bar are interpreted as a single keyword.

If you do not use the proper keywords, no matter how wonderful your work is, it will not display as a search result and chances of it selling decrease.

Learn more about how keywords are working by checking Keywording Advice.

  • You can add additional information to your work n the limit of 250 words. This is an optional feature, so you can leave it blank.
  • The comments are not the object of a search. If you have important words in the comment, please include them in the keyword section.
  • Please select the codec of works you will sell from H.264, Photo-JPEG, Motion-JPEG A/B, Animation (*only videos with alpha channel).★Here is detailed specifications about the image.
  • Please check a box if you sell your work exclusively on PIXTA.
    Be sure you read “PIXTA Terms and Conditions for Exclusive Supply of Contents” and check a box if you are in accordance with the agreement.★According to the agreement, the exclusive sale termination takes place 90 days after you apply for termination.
    Please note that in case of double exclusive distribution (reassignment), you need to wait for 90 days after you request the termination.

About PIXTA Exclusive Program

“PIXTA Exclusive Program” is the program that you cannot sell in another photo stock site so a royalty you get increases instead. For details, please check here.

* The exclusive creators are not subject to this program.

Model release
  • If an identifiable person is included in your work, please add “Model Release” by all means.
    Regarding Model Release
  • Make in advance a JPEG file containing a scanned copy of model release documents, properly completed and signed by the subject of your photo.
  • At the information editing, click the “Add Model Release” button to upload a new release document or to choose from saved model releases.
  • Please note that if you do not submit the necessary document for all people you use, your work will be rejected in review.

  • You must enter “Title” and “Keywords“.
  • Once you submit your clip, you cannot change “Codec” and “Model release“.
  • You must select and add a model release to all works that needs it. Please note that if you do not add it to the works that needs a model release, you will not pass the review.
Edit multiple files function

If you turn the input function ON, you can set the batch-input settings.

Please check the boxes of the works you want to edit all together and then edit the information of any one of them. The contents are also shown in the other works you have selected.

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Codec
  • Exclusivity
  • Adding model release

* Batch-input for comments is not supported

Save input contents

Click the “Save” button on the right of “Edit multiple files” and the currently edited contents will be saved. We recommend you to save often when you submit large quantity of works.

2. Submit

After editing all information, check a box of works you want to submit and then click the
Confirm” button.

After that, confirm the application contents and click the “Submit” button then submission is completed.

* Since January 16th 2013, modifying “Title” and “Comments” and deleting contents during the review are available.
* Since December 2013, adding and deleting “Keywords” after the review is available.

The submitted works are reviewed by PIXTA one by one and after passing the review, the work is available for selling.
We try to finish the review within 7-14 business days. However, please note that it can take more than that right after holiday weekends, or when we receive a large number of applications.
For details about the review